Hj. Muhammad Khairul Anuar
(Managing Director)

TMEH was founded by Hj. Muhammad Nashri Yong on 20th July 1993 as Tegap Maju Engineering Hardware. Under board of directors reliable leadership and foresight, TMEH Engineering Sdn Bhd, TMEH Manufacturing Sdn Bhd & TMEH Marketing Sdn Bhd was formed under TMEH Group of company. TMEH Group of Companies is a consortium formed by various engineering firms, which aims to be at the front line of Malaysia’s engineering and manufacturing industry. At TMEH, our commitment is to build long term relationship with our valued customer. We provide quick response & full range of technical support.

With direct agencies in Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Germany, we import parts that are not available in local market to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Our objective is to maintain our credibility as one of the leading manufacturer and trading centre in Malaysia that provides automotive and general engineering products and services to a wide range of clientele in the industrial, commercial & household sectors. With our consistent level of service combined with skill, integrity and quality, it is our commitment to strive to provide our customers the best services at all times as we greatly value their continuous support and confidence with us.

Hj. Muhammad Nashri Yong